Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fiber Works Revisited - Inspired by Nature

This is the second in a four-part series of posts sharing some of the inspiring images from the Fiber Works art quilt exhibition, featuring over 170 art quilts by 18 talented women in the Fiber Funatics quilt group.  The photos above showcase some of the many art quilts that were inspired by Nature:


My Kind of Fall by Sheila Green has Sheila's signature "look" – lots of blues and yellows with a splash of red -- very high energy!  Sheila is the past president of the Lincoln Quilters Guild and heads the Discover Nebraska quilt project bringing quilt projects into 4th grade classrooms across the state with a team of volunteers.  She is also a docent and volunteer at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.


Four Seasons by Peg Pennell is a lovely little quilt.  Peg's talent as a machine quilter, and her tasteful use of embellishments, are evident in the close up photo of the winter quadrant.  Peg is a rising star in the art quilting and teaching community.


Snow by Shelly Burge is a tiny little whole cloth quilt.  Shelly's artful machine quilting captures the essence of snowdrifts, which those of us in the Midwest see annually.  Sprinklings of sparkly embellishments remind me of the lyrics "in the lane, snow is glistening."  When my youngest son, Jeff, was little, he saw glistening snow one morning and said, "Look, Mom!  Diamonds in the snow!!!"  He tried to scoop them up in his mittens, and he was so disappointed that there were no "real" diamonds.  Shelly is a nationally known quilt maker and teacher who has won awards at major shows.  She also has an impressive collection of antique toy sewing machines.


Untitled by Jo Drueke uses beautiful batik fabrics to capture the essence of a walk in the forest.


Cornfields by Ellen Rushman uses strip piecing to create the look of corn furrows.  We certainly see lots of cornfields in Nebraska, and in my home state of South Dakota.  And who can forget Kevin Costner and the Field of Dreams cornfield in Iowa?   And the Cornhuskers (Huskers for short) are Nebraska's formerly great football team.  We're "rebuilding," I guess.


Fabric Postcard is a postcard-sized image with a definite Autumn leafy vibe.  I love the maker's use of metallic threads in the machine quilting. Very nicely done!


I hope you enjoyed this virtual quilt show.  Does Nature inspire your creativity?


Tomorrow's post will continue this series on Fiber Works – Found Objects and 3D Quilts.



LeAnn aka pasqueflower



  1. Very nice! Yes, nature inspires and I find my color choices follow the seasons. I love leaves and other nature inspired accents for my cards.

  2. Love them! Look at all that color in the first one. Beautiful!