Friday, July 11, 2014

Quilt Show - Day 2

Today is the second day of the Lincoln Quilters' Guild Quiltfest -- a 3-day quilt show with 677+ quilts and LOTS of extra activities.

I want to share with you some of my great finds from the Vendor Mall (featuring 13 quilt shops and antique stores from throughout the Midwest) and  Attic Treasures (sort of a rummage sale of quilt-y items donated by members of the guild to be sold at great prices to more-than-willing buyers).

First stop - Vendor's Mall! (I think I showed remarkable restraint considering all the tempting wares!!)  This photo collage is courtesy of Sheila Green - quilt show chair.

I love using small-scale reproduction fabrics for doll quilts--and I found a wonderful collection of 42 five-inch squares (what quilters call a "charm pack") at the Calico Cottage from Hastings, NE.  The prints are from the Floral Gatherings collection by Moda.

The shop owner also gave away cute little bobbin case cleaners made of swizzle sticks with a bit of pipe cleaner on top.  Looks a little like a magic wand, don't you think?  Bippidee. Boppidee. Boo.

I also picked up a fat quarter (18" x 22" piece of 100% cotton fabric) with a nice little black, gray and red print that will be perfect for lining a red linen clutch or a gray eyeglass case.

I also bought fat quarter of Tanzanian fabric.  My daughter brought me a wonderful fabric panel as a souvenir from her semester in South Africa a few years ago.  I've been looking for a suitable fabric to use as a border to "frame" that piece.

Next Stop:  Attic Treasures

Guild members donate items they no longer need (a purging tactic similar to "destash").  Those items are then sold to people (like myself) who think some of those castoffs are real treasures.  I found a bag of partially-finished vintage 9-patch blocks in red and light beige for $4.00.  I think those 4" 9-patch blocks will make a wonderful doll quilt or two.

I also bought a huge bag of lace for $4.00.  I'll use some of the pretty contemporary lace to trim doll bedding (pillowcases and sheets) which will be marketed as an add-on for doll quilt buyers.

That same bag also included yards and yards of vintage lace, which I will list soon in my Etsy vintage shop, Aunt Pheba's Vintage.

Only one more day of quilt show inspiration and eye candy overload!

Saturday I'll be helping with children's activities in the morning, and assisting with the take-down of some of the 677 quilts on Saturday afternoon.



  1. Oh my goodness...the LACE! I love the lace!!! I think I could spend browsing at the Vendors Mall :) That floral charm pack is so sweet! Lucky you!

    1. I have 11 yards of the vintage lace -- haven't measured the more contemporary lace yet!

  2. Eeeeep! My vintage-loving heart is all over those tiny reproduction fabrics. I didn't know such a thing existed.

    1. I don't see them often, so when I do, I try to snarf them up! The scale is just perfect for doll quilts and miniatures.

  3. I agree with Duni! I love the lace!

    1. The lace was probably the find of the day --- SO many yards!