Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hey, Now! You're a Rock Star

On Sunday, October 30, 2011, I attended an artists' open house co-hosted by Glenda Dietrich Moore and Tamy Burnett.  You met Glenda on Monday.


Tamy is a talented young fiber artist, who crochets and knits, and she has an Etsy shop, RockStar Yarns.  I love her shop name.  It reminds me of the Smash Mouth song All Star.  My kids listened to it so often, I memorized the lyrics.  Here's a You Tube link with lyrics:  You can blame me if that song is running through your head all day J.


 I am in awe of fiber artists.  I took a knitting class last year at The Yarn Shop, and although I didn't flunk out, I just never quite got the knack of it.  Perhaps it has something to do with the need to be coordinated enough to work with needles in both hands simultaneously??


Tamy creates incredible textured scarves, shawls, and wraps, as well as knitted bead bracelets:   Need a little bling for those holiday parties?  These bracelets are sparkly and festive without going over the top.   


The top photo shows just a few of Tamy's scarves made with high quality yarns.  Tamy combines color, texture, and her crocheting and knitting talents to create one-of-a-kind scarves.  I purchased the gorgeous teal fuzz scarf (second from left in photo) for a special Christmas gift:  I also really, really, really liked the purple fuzz scarf.  Purple IS my favorite color.


I also fell in love with the amazing triangle fringed shawl pictured above, and modeled by Tamy.  Showing remarkable restraint, I did not purchase that shawl --although I was sorely tempted --so it is still available in her Etsy shop:  Another favorite that I let get away (for now) is a fall color scarf in chunky textured yarn—SO soft and SO colorful and SO warm!


Tamy and Glenda are coworkers at the University of Nebraska Center for Women's and Gender Studies, and Tamy's mom, Sondra, is a talented quilter (fiber artist working in another medium).   I was delighted to meet a fellow Etsian.  Her Etsy shop is now truly one of my Favorites. 



LeAnn aka pasqueflower




  1. I do like the metalic fibers for the scarves.

  2. I love that shawl. I used to wear those when I was in high school(in the 70's). I wish I still had one.

  3. Love the interview! I even shared it on my blog this morning!

  4. I am always so impressed with people who can knit/crochet!

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