Sunday, May 20, 2012

LQG Quilt Show - Traditional Quilts

The 2012 Lincoln Quilters Guild quilt show has come to an end.   Yesterday I posted images of some of the amazing art quilts on display. 

Today I will highlight traditional quilts.  Thankfully, our quilt is one that considers diversity a strength, and it embraces traditional quilters, art quilters, modern quilters, old quilters, young quilters, beginners and pros, as well as intermediate-level eclectic quilters like myself.

Sadly, I cannot show you the Best Hand Quilted quilt which also won the overall Viewer’s Choice Award.  It is a white whole cloth quilt, meticulously hand-quilted with white thread.  I simply could not get a high resolution photograph of the white on white quilt.  You’ll just have to take my word for it – it was amazing in person. (Sigh.)

The Baltimore album-style hand appliquéd quilt pictured above is Montana Appliqué’ Quilt by Jan Cutshall.  This quilt took three years to complete, and is beautifully hand quilted.  It won Best of Show honors at the Northwest Montana Fair in 2011.  Although it didn’t win any honors at this show, it earned my vote for best hand appliquéd quilt.

Next is a lovely traditional bear paw quilt with lots and lots of precisely-pieced half square triangles (HSTs).  Unfortunately, my separate photo of the label was not readable.  Some of my readers may remember that in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books, Laura and her sister Mary made bears paw and nine-patch quilt blocks.

Isotaupe by Linda Daiker, is a machine pieced full sized quilt.  It was machine quilted by Rich O’Hare.  Who says neutrals are boring?   I thought this would be a good “guy quilt.”  I’m always on the lookout for guy quilts, with six grandsons who will be graduating in the next two to twelve years.

And last, but certainly not least, is Bonnie Kucera’s fabulous bed-sized quilt with over 13,000 teeny tiny pieces.  The quilt uses two traditional quilt blocks, courthouse steps and log cabins, in a scaled down format.   The center is comprised of literally hundreds of small courthouse step blocks.  The two outer rows are darker log cabin blocks. The blocks shown in this close-up photo have “logs” or “steps” only ¼” wide.   No. That is not a typo.  One quarter inch! 

For added fun, Bonnie embroidered kitty faces and little girls’ faces on a few of the blocks to make it an I Spy quilt for her grandchildren and the many viewers who ogled this quilt in amazement during the show.  The quilt is hand-quilted.  Bonnie is one of Nebraska’s finest traditional quilters.  She loves scrappy quilts, she’s an excellent teacher, and her hand quilting has won many, many, many well-deserved awards.   This quilt was voted Best Pieced Quilt and also received an award for hand quilting.

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of the quilt show.  

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. You know you love your craft when it takes 3 years or 13,000 pieces to create! These are stunning!

  2. My mother-in-law is a quilter and she would've loved this show. 13,000 pieces?! Holy cow.

  3. Just amazing! I wish I could go to a quilt show every weekend!