Monday, March 25, 2013

Piled High and Deep

It's Shameless Commerce Tuesday, and although I have listed a new Spring table runner and two new baby bibs in the last couple of days (you can see them on the scrolling widget in the upper left-hand corner of my blog), today I've decided to share what has become the biggest part of my Etsy business this month --- custom orders.  

Pictured above is a stack of 120 batting layers (3 per side x 2 sides per mitt x 20 mitts) --- actually only 108 are in this photo, because I've already finished quilting two mitts.  I have also cut out all 20 oven mitts (40 pieces) -- and all but 2 were chevron mitts that required some fussy cutting to match side seams and extra time to quilt.  These mitts will be gifts for guests at a cooking-themed birthday party.  I guess the birthday girl will pretend to be Rachel Ray  for a day?  Cute idea!!  I'm sure they will have fun, and each guest will go home with new recipes and a new handmade oven mitt in a color chosen for her by the hostess,

Earlier this month I made custom Easter rompers for twin toddlers along with 3 bibs.  This week I made a Spring table runner.  I'm in "Convo mode" on two more possible custom orders, and I have a local custom request for a prairie dress, apron and sunbonnet for a 4th grader's Pioneer Day... And two wedding registry listings... And a custom baby gift set with bibs and burp cloths... And it's still tax season!!!!

While custom orders can be quite time-consuming (lots of back-and-forth communication, hunting for special fabrics, etc.), and sometimes stressful,  it is a joy to help a buyer create exactly what he or she wants for a special occasion.

Often an item I've initially made as a custom order leads to a new product listing in my "regular" Etsy store -- orange, green, pink and black chevron oven mitts, for example, all started as custom orders.  And I didn't start making bibs for the Etsy store until after I'd made a BIG batch for a custom order in 2011 --Now boutique baby bibs have become one of the largest Sections in my Etsy shop, Pasque Flower Creations.

T minus 20 days until the end of tax season and counting!
Gotta go sew!

LeAnn aka pasqueflower


  1. You've certainly got your plate full, LeAnn! I agree sewing with directional fabric needs more attention!
    Happy sewing :)

  2. Custom orders are so fun :)
    I'm glad to hear things are going so well! Wishing you the best to get through tax season!

  3. You sound like you are really doing a lot, good thing tax season is coming to an end!

  4. You really have been busy between taxes and your shop! When I saw the picture I thought it was cloth diapers!

  5. I know you will breathe a sigh of relief in 20 days. Congrats on all your orders.

  6. Custom orders are so fun. I get a lot of them through my wedding shop, and they're some of my favorite things to do. People come up with some cool stuff!

  7. I do like customs because you are right, it feels good to give a customer exactly what they want!

    Congratulations on your orders. With a new grandbaby due in October (my first) I think I'll be designing some bibs myself!

    1. A new grandbaby!! That is such happy news!

  8. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Custom order are great, because it is a great way to get customer feedback. I hope everything works out and tax season comes and goes without any drama.
    Everyday Inspired